Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

An annual mandatory requirement for New York employers

New York employers are required to conduct annual sexual harassment prevention training by the end of the calendar year. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers have transitioned into a full or partial remote work environment. However, New York employers still must conduct their annual sexual harassment prevention training for 2020 and each employee needs to acknowledge that he/she has received the training. HR has a responsibility to keep an updated record of who has or has not received the mandatory training and to ensure all employees including new hires are compliant.

Employers need to ensure the sexual harassment prevention training reflects the latest changes in sexual harassment and discrimination laws, and workplace dynamics. The annual training mandated by New York State and New York City can be an opportunity for employers to emphasize to their employees that the respectful workplace extends beyond the walls of the office, and that the anti-harassment laws and policies apply to the remote work environment as well.

Tannenbaum Helpern’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Training:

  • Reflects the latest changes in the law, recent court decisions on sexual harassment cases and emerging trends in the workplace
  • Includes two live virtual group sessions
  • Includes a recorded virtual training which the firm can use for a period up to a year for its onboarding of new hires

For more information on the mandatory sexual harassment prevention training, contact:

Andrew W. Singer | | 212-508-6723

Andrew P. Yacyshyn | | 212-508-6792

Elizabeth E. Schlissel | | 212-508-6714

Jason B. Klimpl | | 212-508-7529

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