Corporate, Capital Formation & Securities Law: StartMeUp™

Tannenbaum Helpern's StartMeUp™ Plan is a suite of legal services designed specifically for entrepreneurs who need efficient, high-level and individualized legal services when beginning a new venture.

For nearly four decades, Tannenbaum Helpern has represented businesses and business owners, from the initial steps in structuring a business to managing growth and operations to liquidity exit such as an IPO or sale/merger and beyond. From new startups to multinationals, Tannenbaum Helpern is experienced in identifying the needs of individual businesses and providing our clients with all aspects of corporate and business law advice. We understand that new entrepreneurs have limited resources to devote to legal costs. Tannenbaum Helpern's StartMeUp™ Plan helps new business owners get their businesses up and running quickly and efficiently at a cost that is appropriate for brand new ventures.

Service Options

The StartMeUp™ Plan is made up of three basic services:

  • Up to two hours of individual meeting time with an experienced corporate attorney to discuss the entrepreneur's plans and needs, to choose the right type of business entity to use (corporation, limited liability company, partnership), to help structure the new business entity, and to discuss important legal issues in starting a company.
  • Preparing and filing all required State incorporation/formation and publication documents (package fee includes the filing and publication fees).
  • Preparing an appropriate shareholders/operating/partnership agreement, which is crucial in defining and memorializing the rights and obligations of the business owners in relation to their new venture and each other.

In addition to the StartMeUp™ Plan, Tannenbaum Helpern can provide further crucial legal services for an additional flat fee, including:

  • Trademark searches and filings to protect the valuable rights in your business's name.
  • Employment contracts to protect the rights of the new business and its employees.
  • Employee handbooks for businesses that may have multiple employees to ensure that important policies and ground-rules are established on day one.

For more information about Tannenbaum Helpern's StartMeUp™ Plan, contact any of the attorneys listed on the right.

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