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Article Title Publication Date
Marijuana Ethics For Lawyers Attorney Professionalism Forum November/December 2021
Video: Developments in Cannabidiol Cannabis Insider November 4, 2021
Video: Understanding NY's Approach to Cannabis Social Equity Licenses Cannabis Insider November 2, 2021
Video: NY Cannabis License: Consumption Bars/Lounges Cannabis Insider October 29, 2021
Video: NY Cannabis Microbusiness License Cannabis Insider October 28, 2021
Video: Cannabis Banking Cannabis Insider October 7, 2021
Video: The Nine Types of Cannabis Licenses in New York Cannabis Insider October 5, 2021
Biden’s vaccine & paid time off requirements come to a head | The Drum Other Publications September 17, 2021
Using Lawyer- Matching Services: What Are The Ethical Issues? Attorney Professionalism Forum September/October 2021
Social Equity: The Driver Behind New York's Cannabis Program New York Law Journal August 10, 2021
Pro Bono Representation In Criminal Matters: The Ethical Considerations Attorney Professionalism Forum July/August 2021
Resolving Cannabis Disputes in New York New York Law Journal June 24, 2021
NYSBA Commercial and Federal Litigation Section | When Silver is Gold: The 25th Anniversary (Fifth Edition) of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts Other Publications June 4, 2021
Yes, employers can force you to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but here’s what they need to consider | The Drum Other Publications June 1, 2021
What Should a Lawyer Do When Targeted On Social Media: Sue, Respond In Kind, Or Simply Keep Quiet? Attorney Professionalism Forum May/June 2021
New York Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures Back in Action? Not So Fast! Business Litigation Bulletin April 27, 2021
Representing Business Entities And Their Principals: Who Is Your Client? Attorney Professionalism Forum March/April 2021
State of Cannabis Packaging and Labeling and NY Cannabis Development New York Law Journal March 31, 2021
9 things you must know about non-compete clauses | The Drum Other Publications March 5, 2021
Reflections on a Zoom Trial New York Law Journal February 9, 2021

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126 results found. Viewing page 1 of 7

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