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Article Title Publication Date
Hidden Costs: New York City’s Submetering and Lighting E-Alert September 2017
Can a Licensing Agent Also Enforce the Copyright in Licensed Works? E-Alert September 2017
Department of Homeland Security Issues E-Alert September 2017
NY Businesses Reported a Record Number of Data Breach Incidents in 2016 E-Alert April 2017
Cybersecurity Risk Update – Hackers Take Over Bank via DNS E-Alert April 2017
Second Circuit Extends Safe Harbor Protection to Creditors’ State Law Claims E-Alert May 2016
NYC Commuter Benefits Law Takes Effect in the New Year E-Alert December 2015
SEC Adopts Rules for Equity Crowdfunding E-Alert December 2015
Lessons Learned from Two Years of Post-Grant Proceedings E-Alert June 2015
NYC to use candidate “testers” to screen for employment discrimination in hiring practices E-Alert June 2015
Some Common IP Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them E-Alert June 2015
Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Extended Through 2020 E-Alert February 2015
2014 Decisions Clarify How the Statute of Limitations Applies to Copyright Infringement Claims E-Alert February 2015
Governor Cuomo Signs Bill Repealing Annual Wage Notification E-Alert February 2015
District Court Confirms that Madoff Trustee Cannot Recover Extraterritorial Transfers E-Alert August 2014
Real Estate Industry Awaits Vote on Terrorism Risk Act Extension E-Alert August 2014
Avoidance of Securities Transactions – Investor Exposure E-Alert May 2014
The Employee Handbook – An Essential Tool for Every Company E-Alert January 2014
Trademark Applications Based on Intent-to-Use a Proposed Mark—Be Prepared to Document Your Bona Fide Intent to Use the Mark E-Alert January 2014
Principals of sponsor not personally liable for certification of condominium offering plan E-Alert May 2013

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21 results found. Viewing page 1 of 2

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