Video: What Can We Learn from Google's Walkout on Corporate Culture

Video Transcript:

The #MeToo movement has been affecting companies and their employees now for over a year, and it continues to do so on a regular basis. Google, for example, just a few days ago, we saw thousands of employees all over the world stage a walkout during the workday because of unhappiness with how the company was handling sexual harassment claims and sexual harassment in the workplace. In fact, one of the executives who, there was a finding of credible evidence of sexual harassment, received a 90 million dollar exit package, and one of the signs from one of the employees during the walkout said “What do I do at Google? I work hard every day so the company can afford 90 million dollar payouts to execs who sexually harass my coworkers.” What can we learn from this? One of the key factors that companies do not take seriously enough, is the impact on the culture, the workforce, in not taking sexual harassment claims seriously. You must do so. The consequences can be tremendous.

Tannenbaum Helpern's employment lawyer Andrew Singer on Google's walkout on corporate culture.

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11.15.2018  |  PUBLICATION: HRMinute  |  TOPICS: Employment

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