Video: What is NY's "HERO Act"?

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I'm Elizabeth Schlissel and this is Tannenbaum Helpern's HRMinute. New York recently enacted the HERO Act which requires most New York employers to create airborne infectious disease prevention plans. These plans should be distributed to the employees and incorporated in the company's employee handbook. Notably, the HERO Act defines employees to include not just regular w-2 employees, but also independent contractors as well as individuals working for staffing agencies. The HERO Act also requires employers with at least ten employees to permit employees to create joint labor management workplace safety committees. The laws regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the health and safety of employees are constantly changing. Employers should work with their legal counsel to make sure they're complying with their requirements of the HERO Act. I'm Elizabeth Schlissel, this is Tannenbaum Helpern's HRMinute.

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