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Hi everyone, I'm Andrew Yacyshyn employment attorney at Tannenbaum Helpern. As we all know, 2020 was an unprecedented year for employers and for employees as well. We were hit with a global pandemic which forced businesses to shut down and rethink how they would operate and manage their workforces. Employees experienced layoffs, furloughs, pay-cuts, remote work arrangements, and even homeschooling duties for those with children whose school was shut down. But with 2020 behind us and individuals starting to get vaccinated, what can employers expect for 2021? Well for one, remote work arrangements, at least in part are here to stay. Many employers learn that they can operate their businesses effectively while being remote. But it certainly comes with it's challenges. Employers will need to make sure that they are accurately tracking all hours worked of their non-exempt employees who are working remotely. In order to ensure compliance with overtime requirements, and all businesses should be putting in place plans to safeguard and protect their confidential and sensitive information that may be accessed remotely. For companies that are reopening and bringing employees back to work, which many have done already, they will need to make sure they put in place strict safety plans and protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus at work. And to ensure compliance with the general duty clause under the OSCAT. Which is to provide all employees with a safe workplace free of of recognized hazards. As vaccines become more readily available, employers will need to consider whether they're going to require that employees be vaccinated. Which some places there are some exceptions, is something that employers have a right to do. They can mandate that employees get vaccinated. 2020 has also taken a toll on a number of individuals mentally. I think many employers have a newfound appreciation for mental health issues. So in 2021, expect to see many employers really supporting, investing in, and prioritizing the mental health and well-being of their employees. Such as through implementing employee-assistance, which of course is good for the individual employee most importantly, but also just makes good business. Finally we have a new Democratic administration in Washington. Democratic in control of congress, so employers should be on the lookout for new employee-friendly legislation and perhaps new burdens and obligations that they will need to comply with. So again, these are just a few of the issues and challenges employers can expect to face in 2021. Thank you.

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