Video: What are the requirements for face coverings in the workplace?

Video Transcript:

My name is Marisa Sandler and welcome to today’s Hr Minute. Today we’re going to be discussing: face coverings. Under New York State law employers are required to provide face coverings to employees at no charge. However employees may choose to wear their own face covering when it is in fact their decision to do so. So what is a face covering? A face covering can be a bandanna or scarf that covers the employee’s mouth and nose. It does not need to be a surgical mask or a respirator, however employees can choose to use a more protective face covering if it is already in their possession, or if required to by their job (for example, in healthcare). Employees should wear face coverings when interacting with the public, and when social distancing cannot be observed. Thank you for joining us today. I’m Marisa Sandler, Tannenbaum Helpern.

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06.25.2020  |  PUBLICATION: HRMinute  |  TOPICS: Employment  |  INDUSTRIES: Hospitality

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