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Hi my name is Andrew Singer, welcome to Tannenbaum Helpern’s HR Minute. On this steamy July afternoon in New York City, I figured we’d talk about best practices for terminating an employee. One, when doing so it is best practice to have two witnesses, one person conveying the message one person taking notes. When communicating the termination, an easy way of doing it is to simply say we’re going in a different direction. There is no legal obligation to be specific and advise the employee as to the exact reasons why there is a termination. If you’re going to do that, make sure that you are honest. Many employers get into trouble with employees by being too nice and not telling the truth on the real reasons why there is a termination. Just remember, that most employee disputes and litigations are filed by angry employees. No employee is going to be happy when they are terminated, but try to be honest, and quick, and that should help. Thank you.

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