Video: Business Continuity During Coronavirus Outbreak

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Tannenbaum Helpern’s HR minute. Today I’m going to discuss business disruption during the coronavirus outbreak. Like many other employees right now, I am currently working remotely. Employees and employers need to take steps so that employees can work productively while they are working remotely. Certain steps that employers and employees should take are making sure that each employee has all the supplies that they need. This includes technology such as laptops and printers and cords, as well as paper supplies such as letter head and envelopes. In addition, there needs to be a conversation between the employee and the employer about the employee’s work schedule while the employee is working from home. Since many schools and daycares are currently closed, the employee may not be able to work the normal 9 to 5 that they used to be working. In order for the employee to be as productive as possible during this time, the employer should have a conversation with the employee about what hours work best for that employee so that they can be as productive as possible. I’m Elizabeth Schlissel, this is Tannenbaum Helpern’s HR minute.

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