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I’m Stacey Usiak and this is a Tannenbaum Helpern HRMinute on the topic of Salary History legislation. The New York City Council has recently passed a bill prohibiting employers and their agents, including staffing firms, from inquiring into a candidate’s salary history. Once signed by the Mayor, employers will have 180 days to come into compliance. New York City employers should start by reviewing their employment applications and on-boarding documentation, to make sure that all inquiries regarding historical salary data have been removed, and make sure that their hiring managers and recruiters are aware that they can no longer ask candidates what they were making in a prior position. Salaries and salary ranges may be posted for open positions and employers may discuss a candidate’s expected compensation with them. If a candidate voluntarily discloses their salary history, without being prompted, the employer may use that salary history information to set the compensation for that candidate and may verify that salary history information.

Tannenbaum Helpern's employment law attorney Stacey A. Usiak on how employers and hiring managers should comply with the New York Salary History Ban.

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