Video: How to Handle Consensual Relationships in the Workplace

Video Transcript:

Hi my name is Andrew Singer and here’s another version of HR minute. Today I want to focus on consensual relationships in the workplace. We’re two plus years after the #MeToo began, and the focus has been on inappropriate behavior in the workplace, hostile work environment, sexual harassment… but not enough focus in my opinion on how to handle consensual relationships in the workplace. In particular, consensual relationships between management and subordinates. Companies have many options on how to deal with this situation. You can have a policy against having consensual relationships in the workplace; require two consenting adults to enter into what’s called a “Love Contract,” an acknowledgement that the relationship is consensual; train HR and management to watch and observe individuals in consensual relationships to make sure that they are behaving appropriately and not violating any other company policy… But, to be clear, simply because a consensual relationship in the workplace is lawful, does not mean it isn’t fraught with danger, and poses incredible financial risk to companies. It is a situation that companies must take seriously, and most likely, should have a specific policy, and an understanding with management on how to handle.

Employment attorney Andrew Singer discusses how employers can properly handle consensual relationships in the work environment.

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11.21.2019  |  PUBLICATION: HRMinute  |  TOPICS: Employment

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