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Hi I’m Andrew Singer, partner at Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse and Hirschtritt. Today I want to talk a little bit about Holiday Parties. We’re a few days before Thanksgiving, and it is now an area of concern for companies… how to handle all the potential situations that arise, particularly when there’s alcohol that’s served. In addition to all of the laws that we’re now worrying about as employers, we also have to worry about our culture, having a good time, and how that all marries. So there’s a few different things that you can do. One is, have one or two dedicated people, employees, who are not going to drink, and their job is to watch everybody else, and make sure everyone is behaving properly and not overindulging in alcohol, making sure that if you see someone behaving improperly to remove them from that situation, and even remove them from the party, is also a good idea. And just to make sure that there’s at least a couple of owners, managers, executives, whose responsibility is to make sure that everyone is having a good time in an appropriate way. If you have any additioaln questions feel free to reach out and we’re happy to talk.

Holiday Parties and Corporate Culture with THSH Employment Law attorney Andrew Singer

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11.21.2018  |  PUBLICATION: HRMinute  |  TOPICS: Employment

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