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Tannenbaum Helpern’s Joel Klarreich On Practical Steps In Responding To An EEOC Charge

05.12.2015  •  Press Release

New York, NY — Receiving a complaint from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is not only disruptive to day-to-day business operations, it can also be a time consuming, costly and lengthy process if it is not appropriately handled. At the 2015 Staffing Law Conference in Washington, D.C. hosted by the American Staffing Association (ASA) in late April, Joel A. Klarreich, Chair of Tannenbaum Helpern's Staffing Industry Group and General Counsel to the New York Staffing Association, discussed the practical steps in responding to an EEOC charge of discrimination. Klarreich and his fellow panelists highlighted the initial steps companies should take when they are notified of an EEOC charge and emphasized that they should have a strategic approach to conducting an investigation, formulating a position statement and handling EEOC information requests.

"If a company has employees, it should have a protocol to responding to EEOC complaints," said Klarreich. "Often the EEOC over-reaches and companies are overwhelmed when the EEOC requests information. Not having the right attitude in dealing with the investigator or knowledge of their own EEO policies, procedures and training can really hurt businesses."

The session offered employers a fundamental guide to use in order to efficiently respond to an EEOC charge while remaining focused on running their businesses. Attendees walked away with information that would make their future handling of an EEOC charge easier.

"I found the session very valuable. It clearly outlined the process our company should take were we to receive an EEOC charge and it helped demystify the process of responding. Joel and his fellow panelists provided informative and useful step-by-step instructions on investigating the complaint and preparing a position statement." said Jim Essey, President and CEO of The TemPositions Group of Companies.

The 'EEOC Charges—How to Protect Your Firm and Your Clients,' session was well-received by attendees. ASA strives to provide the best possible education and training opportunities to its members by featuring presenters who deliver quality presentations on topics that are relevant to staffing professionals. We thank Joel and his fellow panelists for sharing their rich knowledge and insights on the topic," said Stephen C. Dwyer, General Counsel of American Staffing Association.

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