An Owner’s Guide to Dispute Avoidance and Resolution


Tannenbaum Helpern partners Ken Block and Adam Felsenstein will present a webinar program, “An Owner’s Guide to Dispute Avoidance and Resolution”.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 6th, from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM.

Program Description:

The process of design and construction, especially involving large scale projects, has the potential of creating disputes among the various players, from the owner to the suppliers of materials. This program will provide practical advice for avoiding and resolving disputes during and after the course of the project, whether they involve unanticipated costs, delayed completion, design errors or omissions, or schedule delays.

The program will be moderated by Ken Block, the co-chair of Tannenbaum’s Construction Practice Group. Joining Ken will be Allison Robin, the co-founder of Envoie Projects, an owner’s representative firm, and Adam Felsenstein, a Tannenbaum partner having extensive experience in construction litigation.

Registration information may be found here.

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