International Bar Association 32nd Annual Conference on the Globalisation of Investment Funds


Partner Michael G. Tannenbaum will be moderating the Keynote presentation by Jacob (“Jake”) Manoukian, Head of JP Morgan US Investment Strategy, at the upcoming International Bar Association Globalization of Investment Funds conference on Monday, May 22, 2023 in New York City.

Conference topics Include:

  • Keynote speech on the geopolitical situation
  • CEO panel: current challenges for asset management businesses
  • Is the globalization of investment funds a reality?
  • ESG - more than a trend?
  • Trends in alternative funds
  • Developments in investor protection: an asset manager's perspective
  • In the wake of the crypto crash - the future of virtual assets in asset management
  • New macro-economic trends and their impact on investment strategies: A change of paradigm?
  • Pension funds, health funds, challenges for target day funds
  • Retailisation of private market strategies
  • A new geopolitical chess game - how to manage multiplying global sanctions regimes
  • The current regulatory landscape in Asia
  • Regulators’ panel: supervisory priorities
  • Fireside chat

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