Case Studies

Creation of Statewide Beer Distributors Alliance

Our client, a prominent national wine, spirits and beer distributor throughout the US, sought to attract a significant portfolio of specialized craft beer brands in a western state of the US. The client already owned distribution rights for some beer brands in the state, but was strongest in one region of the state. To make itself more attractive to small craft suppliers, the client sought to align itself with other distributors in other counties of the state to provide small craft beer suppliers with stronger statewide marketing and distribution coverage. The corporate and distribution team at Tannenbaum Helpern developed a structure and negotiated the terms of the marketing alliance arrangement between the client and four other distributors, structuring the alliance to avoid potential antitrust issues. The team assisted in the drafting of the press release to launch the alliance as well. Tannenbaum Helpern also drafted and negotiated the employment agreement between the new alliance and its marketing manager. In addition, the corporate and tax group assisted the client in selling certain distribution rights to the four other alliance members in a series of tax-free exchanges and has represented the client in efforts to acquire target businesses to complete the exchanges.

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