Staffing World 2019 - Indemnification and Other Contractual Issues in Health Care Staffing Agreements


We are proud to sponsor ASA Staffing World 2019. Join Tannenbaum Helpern’s Renee Silver on October 16 at 11:15am for “Indemnification and Other Contractual Issues in Health Care Staffing Agreements”.

Staffing World 2019 - Handling Harassment Complaints in the #MeToo Era


We are proud to sponsor ASA Staffing World 2019. Join Tannenbaum Helpern’s employment attorneys Andrew Singer and Jason Klimpl for their workshop entitled, “Handling Harassment Complaints in the #MeToo Era” on October 17 at 11:30am.

Mediation Choices for Effective Representation and Advocacy | NYSBA


On October 18, Paul Sarkozi will be on the panel Emphasis on Mediation Advocacy Skills and the Importance to the Courts, discussing how advocates need to prepare
for the challenges they will face in court.

Intellectual Property Protection - The International Framework of Multilateral Agreements


Join IP attorney Donald Prutzman at 12pm EST for a discussion on the network of international agreements governing intellectual property protection worldwide, how to determine the most efficient and cost-effective ways to provide for international intellectual property protection, and more.

Introduction to EU General Data Protection Regulation: Planning, Implementation, and Compliance | Financial Poise


On October 22, cybersecurity attorney Michael Riela will discuss the GDPR requirements and how businesses can meet the standards.

New York Multifamily Summit | JLL


Real Estate attorney Eric Schoenfeld will participate at the roundtable for the 11th Annual New York Multifamily Summit.

Human Capital Action Learning Series


THSH employment attorney Andrew Singer will be speaking on “Top 3 Human Capital Trends for 2020” at Next Opportunity Group’s Human Capital series. Register by Friday, March 29th to join the workshop.

Global Conference 2019: A World of Many Voices, United in Our Diversity


On November 7th, THSH distribution attorney Andre R. Jaglom will be speaking on Panel 2 at the Global Conference 2019 in Tokyo, Japan about drafting distribution contracts around the world, and how suppliers and distributors can address the disruptive complications arising from the explosive growth of e-commerce intermediaries and their disregard for distribution territories.

Bankruptcy Issues in the Cannabis Industry: Strategies Under State and Federal Law for Marijuana, CBD, and Hemp


Join attorney Michael Riela on November 13 at 11am EST for a CLE webinar discussion on bankruptcy and insolvency issues in the cannabis industry, and innovative strategies and practices in advising cannabis industry clients.

Commercial Litigation Academy 2019 | Bridging the Gap


On November 15 at 4:10pm, THSH litigator Paul Sarkozi will be speaking at the Commercial Litigation Academy 2019 about mediation.

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