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Technology, Outsourcing and Telecommunications

Tannenbaum Helpern's technology, outsourcing, and telecommunications practice has a unique focus on advising clients on buying and selling technology, telecommunications, and outsourcing goods and services.

Our team of highly skilled attorneys has decades of collective years of experience, expertise, and IT industry knowledge in handling clients' corporate and information technology matters. We counsel public and private companies in many industries. Our clients have ranged from entrepreneurs and emerging companies to Fortune 100's, banks and insurance companies. We also advise clients on doing business in foreign countries, and counsel foreign and multi-national companies doing business in the United States.

We focus on serving clients and providing strategic advice on the complex issues relating to technology transactions and other issues like electronic contracting. We combine strategic thinking, creative solutions, and aggressive client service in helping our clients protect their interests and understanding and minimizing their risks.

Technology Transactions

Today, nearly every company is touched by technology and often technology drives the growth of today's companies. Our attorneys have extensive experience in advising companies on technology matters across a wide array of industries including computer hardware and software, telecommunications, biotechnology, medical services, financial services, insurance, information technology, video games, and entertainment.

Whether technology is the core of your business, or simply provides the IT infrastructure necessary to run your operations, our attorneys are experts on the wide variety of legal issues relating to technology transactions and can provide a variety of related legal services. Our attorneys are experienced in advising companies of all sizes, and at all stages of corporate growth and development, on the creation, acquisition, licensing, and use of today's technology.

Special skills and experience are required to negotiate transactions relating to the development, purchase, sale, or licensing of technology. Our attorneys understand the technical and business issues relating to your technology deal, and have years of experience in the art and science of negotiating contracts. This powerful background allows us to provide exceptional legal services to our clients and explaining the intricacies of warranties, indemnities, damages, disclaimers, and limitations of liability. We are also able to use our skills and experience to advise our clients on the business terms of a particular deal.

We represent all kinds of clients including licensors, licensees, developers, sellers and buyers of new and existing technology. We represent clients who are providers and clients who are buyers and users of technology. We are also experienced in working with people at all levels of the transaction: from the chief technology officer to the solo entrepreneur. Serving such diverse clients has given us the ability to understand all aspects of technology and intellectual property transactions as they relate to our clients' business goals.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience with complex technology transactions in highly regulated areas such as financial services and health care.

We provide our clients with a variety of technology transaction services including:

  • Application Service Provider (ASP) agreements
  • Cloud computing and software as a service agreements.
  • Software development, distribution, and licensing agreements
  • Custom software agreements
  • All aspects of e-commerce transactions
  • Datacenter collocations
  • Escrow agreements
  • Hardware leasing and purchases
  • Software and hardware maintenance and service level agreements
  • Security and piracy
  • Open source development
  • Evaluation (beta) agreements
  • Data processing agreements
  • Spam, spyware and computer crime issues
  • Website design, development, and hosting agreements
  • Electronic contracting and signatures
  • Electronic payments
  • Web site policies, disclaimers and user agreements
  • Social networks
  • Value added reseller agreements
  • OEM agreements
  • Sales and distribution agreements
  • Research and development
  • Credit card processing service agreements
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Advertising agreements
  • Ownership and licensing of personal data


If your business is considering outsourcing strategic portions of your operations to third party service providers, you will need the help of our technology attorneys to get things right the first time. Outsourcing is a very complicated process that often involves critical business functions. You need involve experienced technology attorneys early in the process. Including a technology attorney as part of your outsourcing team early can help increase efficiency and improve service while saving money. Whether you are outsourcing your IT, telecommunications, customer service, or back office functions, you do not want the cost of your education to be a failed project.

Our attorneys have years of experience in the art of negotiating onshore and offshore outsourcing contracts and driving the process for the benefit of our clients. We work with clients to ensure that their outsourcing deals address all of the major issues relating to such transactions including intellectual property, confidentiality, labor, tax, dispute resolution, and service levels. We understand the norms of the industry and have the experience to focus on the parts of the deal that will matter to the business of our clients.

We have strategic partnerships with law firms worldwide to assist us in handling your global outsourcing deal. Whether you are establishing a call center in Bangalore or moving your IT to Singapore, we can work with your team to handle your project.


The Internet and e-commerce do not work without the underlying telecommunications services that make them possible. Our experienced technology attorneys can provide invaluable assistance in guiding clients through the federal, state, and international regulatory and licensing issues.

We have extensive experience in advising clients on all aspects of telecommunications services. Our attorneys have negotiated complex telecommunications transactions for our clients with major telecommunication service providers such as AT&T and Verizon for our clients. Our clients that we have advised on telecommunications matters include U.S. and global companies of all sizes involved in voice, video, data, cable, satellite, wireless and broadband industries.

Our services in the telecommunications field include:

  • Managed services agreements
  • Term and volume commitments
  • Transfer of service agreements
  • Comprehensive service orders
  • Interstate voice and digital services
  • Dedicated access services
  • Audio conferencing
  • International voice and data services
  • Private line services
  • Frame relay services
  • Private IP services
  • Internet dedicated services
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • High speed data services
  • Cable services
  • Satellite services
  • WAN/LAN/WLAN management
  • Site services
  • Device management
  • Tariffs
  • Operation of voice and data networks
  • Wireless and mobile services
  • Local service providers
  • Service level agreements
  • Governance and relationship management agreements
  • Hardware purchase agreements
  • Security

Intellectual Property

One of the most important investments companies make is the investment of time and money in the creation of valuable intellectual property (IP). However, often these same companies overlook the important and ongoing steps required to commercially exploit and protect that IP. The value of your intellectual property rights will vary based upon the quality of the contracts surrounding the creation of your IP.

With so much at stake, working with experienced technology attorneys is vital to protect your intellectual property. Tannenbaum Helpern assists our clients in the creation, acquisition, use, protection, and commercial exploitation of technology and associated intellectual property. Our practice covers all aspects of intellectual property law including copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret law. We have extensive experience in structuring IP transactions so our clients benefit from their IP portfolio and enforce their IP rights against infringers.

Our attorneys help our clients understand what kinds IP they own and how to protect their IP assets. We assist our clients with all aspect of IP protection, from copyright, trademark, and patent filings to conducting IP audits to evaluate our client's ownership and rights in their IP portfolios.

We provide our clients with a variety of intellectual property services including:
  • IP management and licensing
  • Registration of trademarks
  • Non-disclosure & non-compete agreements
  • Battling domain name disputes
  • End user licensing agreements
  • Click wrap and shrink wrap agreements
  • IP risk assessments
  • Website audits
  • IP due diligence for asset purchase, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Copyright, trademark, and patent licensing
  • IP asset purchase agreements
  • Cybersquatter issues
  • Intellectual property audits
  • Digital rights management
  • Branding and co-branding agreements
  • Seller and reseller agreements
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